Tom Wong
District 14 • 2022
Vote on or before Election Day, Tuesday, June 7.
You should receive your vote by mail ballot during the week of May 9.
Endorsed by San Mateo County Republican Party
Recommended by VACaction, Values Advocacy Council’s legislative arm
Tom Discusses the Tax Holiday on ‘The Best of Investing with Edward Brown’
I talked with Tom for 30 minutes. He’s smart and creative. His solutions are realistic.
Building bridges with Congressional District 14 Democrat candidate James Peters.

Tom Wong Steve Iyer
Hayward and Alameda County
San Ramon and Contra Costa County
Courage and conviction to run for public office based on Free Will Recruited to run by Alameda GOP clique
Local business owner and community leader Jetsetting corporate globalist
Former Democrat
Banned from the party after exposing SF election fraud and corruption
2015 – Registered Republican
Apr. 2022 – Endorsed by San Mateo GOP
Recommended by Values Advocacy Council
Voted in 2020 presidential election
Flip flopped between parties in the past 8 years
Jan. 2022 – Switched party to Republican
Party endorsements under cloud of alleged rule violations and mystery
Did not vote in 2020 presidential election
Small business owner, built everything he has through hard work, value, and providing quality services International renewables executive
Former Director, Enron International
Grassroots, public forum, one-on-one, door-to-door, face-to-face campaign Internet campaign
  • Rescue the economy with a Tax Holiday
  • Keep politics out of schools. Reimburse STEM and trade class tuition
  • Use innovative crime capture techniques
  • Build first clean water facilities in 60 years
  • No penalties and interest on back taxes owed by individuals
  • Laws should govern the government, not the People
  • Not Pro American – Move US corporation manufacturing jobs in Asia to Central America and Mexico for cheap labor
  • Pro mining of hazardous rare earth minerals in the US
  • Unrealistic crime solutions
  • Supports teaching CRT with parental consent
  • Supports law discriminating against boys and men
Will win – stands up for the People, not the party or special interests Will lose – superficial solutions; supports special interests and big corporations


I’m running for U.S. House of Representatives, California Congressional District 14. This district includes Hayward, Livermore, Pleasanton, Union City, Castro Valley, Ashland, Fairview, Sunol, and portions of Dublin, Fremont, and San Leandro.

Our American dream is slowly being eroded by bad state and federal laws. These laws punish the middle and working class, while favoring the rich and special interests. 

I am rescuing our American Dream. I’m a man of the people with practical, fresh, and bold solutions. These solutions are for all Americans, regardless of political party, status, or income. Only a man of the people, outside of the Washington DC elite, would dare to do this.

Read below for my Tax Holiday, Education Partnership, and Crime Capture bills. Government will no longer trample on our natural rights of life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. Let me be your voice. Please vote for me on the June 7 primary and November 8 general election ballots.


America is a place of inspiration and dreams. California has been the one state where most agree, has been the greatest place to make your dream come true, both personally, and professionally. And despite many of us having fought hard to build a great future and dream in our communities, for our families and ourselves, California is no longer recognized the way it once was. For the first time in our history, we have more moving vans going out than coming in. I’m here to change that. I share the dreams and vision of what brought many of us here, and what still inspires and excites us about this state, despite the negligent behavior of those who have governed us.

I’ve got my own interesting story to tell about my struggles, and my dream in this state, like all of you may have. I was born and grew up in a sparse home and very modest living situation, but one that was rich in character, tradition, and love. My family values, as immigrants who rushed to the Bay Area to achieve the American Dream, were those of character, dedication, hard work, compassion, and inspiration – the values I think most of us share today as well.

My story blessed me with the chance to gain a great education in our public schools, graduate, and work hard in entry level jobs – jobs that included security guard, janitor, ride-share driver, and truck driver while putting myself through school. My hard work earned me the chance to be an entrepreneur, and resulted in the establishment, ownership and daily operation of a successful small business. This earned me the chance to become a first-time homeowner, right here as your neighbor, in Hayward. I feel equally proud, and blessed to have my small, modest piece of the dream, and to be part of this great community.

But, like you, I feel pressure. I feel concern. I work hard and long hours. I earn my pay every day. I don’t have big bonuses, or windfalls of stock options, but I still live the American Dream. But it’s a dream that is slowly being eroded by bad state and federal policies and laws, enacted by officials who are disconnected to our communities and the people to your left, and your right. These policies and laws hurt you and me, they hurt our communities, and put heavy burdens on the middle classes. At the same time, it seems the super elite have distanced themselves further and further from us, with fortunes greater than the GDP of small countries.

We can continue business as usual. Or, we take back our government and make it responsive to you and this community. Right here, and right now. My plan is a lifesaver, thrown to a swimmer in need. I call it my Rescue America plan:

  • Economy – Reboot the economy with a Federal income TAX HOLIDAY for one year, for individual earnings under $250k per year, and for business earnings under $3M per year. This is your inflation relief, giving you the money in your pocket to pay for soaring gas and food prices, student loans, and other expenses. Businesses have more money to hire employees, buy equipment, inventory, innovate and expand. Demand and supply increase organically, supercharging the economy. The TAX HOLIDAY is better than handouts because it allows people to keep the money they earn. It avoids printing money, inflation, and dollar devaluation. (a)
  • Education – Take politics out of the classroom. Partner with employers to provide middle school graduates a pathway to guaranteed employment in well paying jobs. Reimburse tuition for students pursuing majors for high demand jobs:
    • 2 year occupational and vocational – such as plumbers, electricians, welders, mechanics, carpenters, EMT, healthcare, technicians, etc.
    • 4 year STEM – such as math, science, engineering, healthcare

    Reimburse 100% / 50% / 0% tuition for students earning an A / B / C in classes, excluding general education classes. Other fields will receive support as determined.

    Funding will be provided by companies hiring foreign skilled workers on H-1B visas. For each H-1B visa, companies will pay $10-$50k into the Education Partnership. This would raise $850 million – $4.25 billion, encouraging companies to hire Americans.

  • Crime – Criminals have taken over our sanctuary, destroying our homes, businesses and community. My Criminal Capture Bill will give local police the tools and resources to hunt down and capture criminals, then send the accused to federal courts for additional prosecution. This bill will not increase the size of the federal government or allow unlimited access to federal resources.
    • Our representatives must support local law enforcement and provide tools and resources to capture criminals. Local agencies will receive training on sending criminal complaints to the federal level for additional prosecution. If your local district attorney is soft on crime, the federal government is not. I will coordinate with the US attorney general, FBI and all agencies to apprehend and prosecute criminals to stomp out crime in your neighborhood. Local agencies will have access to more forensic services, cyber resources, crime stats, investigators and authority to pursue leads crossing state lines. This will send fear into the hearts and minds of criminals.
    • Criminal Consequences:
      • Bum rush to empty out a store – charged with organized crime
      • Terrorize neighborhoods – prosecuted as a terrorist
      • Smash and grab, or stealing packages – prosecuted for tax evasion, a potential felony
      • The $950 threshold will have a new meaning – 950 years in prison 


Pre-pandemic, the top 50% of all taxpayers paid 97% of all individual income taxes, while the bottom 50% paid 3%


57% of U.S. households paid no federal income tax last year as covid took a toll